What is love?

Hmmm …
Let’s see …

Love is a very intense feeling.
And it means a bunch of things …
(e.g. affection, passion, and – believe it or not – hate).

The kind of love you feel for your parents is more like affection.

Passion is when you really like someone.

This is it.



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Am I in love?

You are in love if you think about somebody very often.
And when you think about someone with pleasure.
When you hope to see that person again.
And you realize your heart is beating faster, whenever you see that person.

Did it already happen?
I hope so, and …


How do you know if someone is in love with you?

You know if someone loves you, when that person is happy to meet you.

Is there someone constantly looking for you?
That could be a sign this person thinks of you very often.

Final tip …
Try to figure out if the other person is thrilled, whenever you come across.

What is the true love?

True love is the love of your life.
The one and only.
The everlasting, during the good times and the bad times.
Someone quite able to respect you by accepting that you’ll never be perfect.

You can recognize true love using your intuition.

Wanna be sure?
Take your time…
You can only be sure after a whole life spent together.

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