How not to die?

Don’t wanna die, hu?
Hmmm …
Let’s see …

If you really don’t want to die young, just follow some tips.

  • Try to be constantly safe and avoid risky things, unsafe places, and dangerous people.
  • Talk to your doctor about your health.
  • And try to prevent cancer, cardiac arrest, HIV, and diabetes.
  • Make everything possible to get healthier every day, and …
  • Be lucky.

Got it?
This is how you can try to live long and well.

This is it.



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How can I get healthy?

You can try to be the healthiest person by following these

“8 ways to be healthier and live with a healthy lifestyle”

Now then, you can start getting healthier by:

  • sleeping more and better,
  • following the doctor’s advice and getting cured quickly,
  • eating better and healthy,
  • drinking lots of water,
  • doing exercise, walking and moving more,
  • having true friends and a true love,
  • having fun with them, laughing and enjoying common hobbies,
  • those hobbies must be safe … of course.

How to eat healthy?

You can eat healthy by following a diet plan.

The diet plan must be personalized.

Rather than looking for it on the web, talk about it with a doctor or a dietitian.


How to sleep?

You can fall asleep easier by following these tricks and tips.

“6 ways to sleep better”:

  • follow a sleep schedule: same bedtime and wake up time, also during the weekend,
  • exercise at any time of day, but not in the evening,
  • choose a comfortable mattress and a good pillow,
  • avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meal in the evening,
  • read some pages of a book (better if it’s boring …).

Did it work?
In case you still have sleep problems, talk to a doctor.

How to avoid cancer?

You can try to follow the advice of the World Health Organization.

“12 ways to reduce your cancer risk”:

  • do not smoke,
  • make your home and workplace smoke-free,
  • Maintain a healthy body weight,
  • increase physical activity in daily life,
  • have a healthy diet,
  • limit alcohol intake,
  • avoid too much sun and use sun protection,
  • protect yourself against cancer-causing substances,
  • stay away from radiation (check levels where you stay).

Got it all?
Let me tell you a few more suggestions (especially for women):

  • try to breastfeed your baby,
  • limit the use of HRT,
  • follow vaccination programmes for Hepatitis B and HPV (for girls),
  • get checked for bowel cancer, breast and cervical cancer (women).



Do you want to know a little bit more about health?

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